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Project study

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Every project starts by listening to the customer. The aim is to understand your ideas, taste and desires in depth, and make them our own. Understanding you allows us to harmonise with your needs, in order to anticipate them and create a relationship of genuine collaboration.

The project is then considered as a whole. We analyse the floor plans and compare them with your budget and requirements. Then, we evaluate the actual technical and financial feasibility. If the conditions are not met, we suggest variants and alternatives that are as close as possible to your requirements.

Our purpose is to achieve your goals

What we offer you is genuine interior design support, at every stage of the technical design process. Our consultancy service ranges from choosing the furniture concept that best suits your taste and style, to selecting materials and finishes.

Every single aspect is evaluated to ensure that it is as much in line with your wishes and the overall context of the project as possible.

This has a single purpose – ensuring your complete satisfaction. We do this through customised products and on-demand services, according to your specific needs.


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Our know-how

All the tools to turn ideas into reality

For each piece of furniture, we carefully produce working drawings and study the best way to optimise and rationalise production. 

In addition, our offices specialise in producing a series of additional documents that facilitate industrialisation and make it easy to understand the project in its entirety:

Technical drawings, which clearly illustrate to the installers and other site technicians how to position or move masonry works; where to locate lighting points and electrical sockets; where to place water supply or drainage systems.

Distributional layouts, to visualise on a plan the positioning of each individual element of the furniture, to evaluate areas of passage and clutter and to choose the most effective way of articulating spaces, always with a view to aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Renderings, which show at a glance the intended final effect. Depending on requirements, we can also produce photorealistic renderings, which perfectly simulate the interior concept conceived by the designers.

The ideal team for any partner

Our team – consisting of architects, interior designers and experienced technical figures – can coordinate the entire executive planning phase, if necessary.

We listen to, support and collaborate with many people involved in interior design projects, on a daily basis:

• Owners

• Builders

• Architects

• Technicians

• General Contractors

• Consultants

• Interior Designers

Our goals is for everything to proceeds harmoniously, in agreement with the client and all parties involved.

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